Video Games

​       By Ryan Carmack

About FLY - 2015

In FLY, you play as Barb B. Queue - a young winged creature part of a secret society, The Remi.  This civilization has existed for thousands  of years and they pride themselves on being agile creatures of the sky.  Agile as they may be, there is a price to pay for flying like the gods.  They have become magnets of electricity.  If they get too close to cumulus or cumulonimbus clouds, they'll get struck down by lighting.  As many societies before them, this culture has a coming of age test which all Remi must face.  To test the bravery and skill of every Remi, they have designed a deadly obstacle course.  Challengers must navigate through 45 grueling levels.  Those who achieve the highest of scores will be immortalized.  Navigate this treacherous course and win glory for all eternity!

Clouds:  Obstacles designed to test the skill and agility of flyers.  Avoid them at all cost.

Star Coins:  Pick these up to increase your score.  Collect these by flying into them.

Ghost-Power Amulets:  Special items that allow you to hide from clouds.  When engaged, ghost-power amulets allow you to fly through clouds without being electrocuted.  Be careful, the power lasts a short time and you can still fly off the map. 

Heart Tokens:  These are lifesavers! Each time you pick one up, you get another life!

Bonus Points: These are given each time you collect all items in a map.

Create Your Own Levels:  Switch to user-made level mode by pressing 'p'.  You will be in this mode when you see the message "Press 'e' to create your own levels" on the bottom center of the screen.  Follow instructions and press 'e' to begin.  A new window will pop up - this will be the template to create your level.  Press 'n' to clear your screen and create a level.  Each time you press 'n', a new blank level will be created.  To move between levels, press the up/down arrows (this allows you to move between levels).  Click the mouse/touchpad anywhere on the screen to place a cloud on that spot.  To remove an object, click on it.  To add a star click 'a'.  To add a ghost power-up click 'g'.  To add a heart power-up click 'h'.  Once you are fished adding/removing items, click 's' to save.  Clicking 's' to save will place you in the new level for testing.  If you want to exit without saving, click "escape' and you will be rutrned to the level you were before but any modifications will NOT be saved.

About Angry Face! - 2014


Game mechanics: Two players have control over a shield at opposite ends.  One is red and the other is blue.  To move the red shield up or down, use "I" and "K", to more the blue shield up or down,  use "W" and "S".  There is a happy face between the shields and it is used as a projectile.  Eventually the face goes from happy to angry and fights back and damages your shield.  The goal is to stay alive longer than your opponent by two lives and have a score of greater than four.

How I made it:  To make the game, I used Unity and C#.  My dad taught me how to code.  Both of us were new to Unity so we learned together.  My mom drew the faces and helped me with design. I used GIMP to cut out the pictures she drew for me.  I used Audacity for audio and the voices and sounds were done my me, my 4 yr. old brother, and my friend Daniel.  It was pretty fun doing the sounds!  My favorite sound is my little brother getting angry for the the angry face.  It's hilarious!  The first time I recorded it, I couldn't stop laughing!