Video Games

​       By Ryan Carmack

About me


My favorite activity is playing D&D and my favorite game is Minecraft!  I like D&D because it's entirely possible to warp reality and have your own story.  My character is a priest (lawful/good) and my group is made up of a warrior (lawful/good), a hobbit (lawful/good), a wizard (neutral/good), and an elf (neutral/good).  We don't get to play a lot because my dad is really busy and he's the dungeon master so I make up fake missions to play with my friends.  We have a lot of fun even if I stand in as the dungeon master.  Sometimes I make side quests for part of the group whenever we can play.  Someday I will probably take over as dungeon master for my dad.  My mom is writing about our adventures and said she will bind a leather book filled with our quests.  D&D is just awesome!

I like a lot of video games but my favorites right now is Minecraft, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Splatoon, Destiny, and Summoner's War. These games are awesome!  My all time favorite games are Minecraft, Legend of Zelda, and Ni No Kuni.  I also watch a lot of Machinima on Youtube.  My favorite is Stampy.  He's hilarious!

I love to read books.  Besides D&D, video games, and math, reading is my favorite thing to do.  I really liked the Ice Wind Dale Trilogy.  The book is about a good Drow elf and his friends adventures.  I also really liked the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  My other hobbies are piano, making games, and reviewing restaurants.