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 Video Games

​       By Ryan Carmack

Welcome to my page.

My name is Ryan and I'm 10 years old.  Last summer I created a video game called Angry Face! The game was my version of Pong.  I made it because I enjoy video games a lot.  I was nervous about the game because it's rather simple.  I wrote the game and my little brother helped me with sound and testing.  Angry Face! was the very first game that I created and I wanted to make more games so this summer I made FLY.  I hope everyone likes it.  I think I'm getting better at making games.  To create FLY I used the programming language Racket.  I also taught myself how to use Blender and used it for 3D modeling and animation to make the art.  To make the sounds for my game, I used Audacity.  I'm fairly new to Racket and I'm still learning but so far Racket is amazing!  I like Blender a lot and have been using it for a little while now, but I still haven't worked with armatures and textures.  I haven't done a huge project with Blender yet but I really enjoy it. 

My new game is about a character name Barb B. Queue.  He is a winged creature that has to test his bravery and skill on an obstacle course.  Once you download the game, you can go to the game's ABOUT page to get more information.  Just like last summer, I added a grandma mode for my grandmother.  My games can only be played on a PC or Mac.  It doesn't play on smart phones or tablets.  Hope you enjoy the game.

Thank you for visiting my page!